American Idol


Anyone watch American Idol? I used to be a huge fan…especially when Adam Lambert was on the show. I loved him. The next season, I felt like the show had no personality or originality. Also, it had Kara Dioguardi (the spelling may be wrong, but I don’t care, lol). I think she ruined the show. She was a waste of space. Her critiques were self-indulgent and irritating. I wanted to watch for Ellen, but I just couldn’t do it. Too much was too much.

When I read Simon wasn’t returning, I was sad!! I loved him. It got worse for me when I read that Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez were signing on as the new judges. What?? Ew!!

I want to take this time to formally apologize to them and Fox. They have been so great for that show. It’s new and fresh. They aren’t mean. It’s a breath of fresh air. I also love the addition of Jimmy Levine, president of Interscope Records. His continual mentoring/producing has helped the contestants be the best crop we’ve ever had.

Tonight’e episode was amazing. First of all, it included music by Elton John. Always a good option, I must say. My favorite on the show is James Durbin. As I type this, I’m listening to his version of “Saturday Night is Alright (for Fighting).” Amazing. He’s right up there with Lauren Alaina. She rocked it with “Candle in the Wind.” I actually cried. 🙂

If you watch it, who’s your favorite? What did you think of this season’s changes?

Have an awesome day!!
Joie M.


2 Responses

  1. I adore Haley. I think her voice has so much personality and range. Her voice has personality, but I think her “actual” personality is a little ‘meh’. She can come off as annoying.

    Pia has an amazing voice, but I’m so tired of her ballads.

    James is great. Every time he has a tourrettes fit, I just go, “Awww, bless his heart.” You know Josh has a mild case of tourrettes. So I sort of have a heart connection to James.

    I like Jacob when he doesn’t push the vibrato.

    Lauren is great. I hate the way she ends her songs though. She needs to work on that. She gets all mousy and shy.

    Thia has a wonderful voice, but has zero personality. She also hasn’t found the “right” song yet.

    Paul, Scotty and the reggae girl get on my NERVES!!!!!!!!!!

    I love the addition of Steven and Jennifer has really surprised me. I love them. Even Ryan seems more upbeat this year. I love the different producers coming in to help them arrange. I’ve been sort of surprised at the lack of AMAZING arrangements though. If they have these professionals coming in, I’m looking for mind-blowing arrangements and it’s not really happening. I think in the beginning episodes, they had the music way too loud, but they seem to have fixed that now.

  2. I like Haley okay, but she’s obnoxious. I loved her performance last night.

    Pia – Yeah…she’s beautiful, but move around!!!

    James – My fave. I didn’t know that about Josh, but I can relate to his Asberger’s syndrome and I have facial twitches. I love him…I think he’s uber talented.

    Jacob – Sometimes, he looks like he’s in pain.

    Lauren – Amazing. I loved her song last night. I was boo-hooing. I agree about the endings.

    Thia – ew.

    Paul – Voice is like screeching nails on a chalkboard.

    Scotty – I love him. lol.

    Naima – Why on earth is she still there?! She gets on my nerves!

    I liked Ryan’s new hairdo last night. 🙂

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