A Thought for Pondering

Today, a friend of mine on Facebook shared a tweet from @StuffCCLikes saying, “You’d never see that many Christians lined up to help at a food bank or homeless shelter. And that’s something Jesus actually said to do.” This got me really thinking.

In the new testament, Jesus tells his followers to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and (the one that gets overlooked the most) love your neighbor. I drove by my local Chick-fil-A last night. I was amazed at the amount of support they were receiving. Being this is the middle of the bible belt, I wasn’t surprised…just wowed. Several emotions hit at the same time. I was angry at the fact so many people are blindly supporting an organization solely on what they think they know. I was hurt that we, as gays, will never see that much support. Ultimately, I felt like I was all alone. The overwhelming wave of christian support is causing the gay rights issue to flounder in the tides.

Back to the tweet. I’m sure Chick-fil-A saw record sales. I’m sure the wallets of the bigots in charge got fatter. I’m sure that millions of christians felt like they were doing good by standing by their beliefs. For the latter, I applaud. I would say that a vast majority of them are ignorant (meaning lack of knowledge) of what they are supporting…other than a “christian company.” There are those who went just to “stick it to the gays.” Such as twitter user @mJd_32, who had this wise nugget: “No fags are allowed in Chick Fil A anymore!! Woho finally a place that I can eat without having to worry …” (Of course, today, she tweeted to her friends “Live your life how you want.” Contridiction much?)

With the success of “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day,” I present the following challenges to the company, and its followers:

  • Having worked at Chick-fil-A, I know they have a way to see what the percent change was for the day. I think Chick-fil-A’s should take that profit and proudly give it to a ministry or organization that helps the homeless, hungry, or in need. Chick-fil-A says their “intent is to leave the policy debate over same-sex marriage to the government and political arena.” If that’s the case, then give the profits to an organization that is neutral to both sides of the issue.
  • All the christians should be just as eager to really serve their god and line up at homeless shelters. Organize food drives to stock the pantries of food banks that are in need.
  • Never use your bible as a weapon of hate. Yes, you can disagree with someone. I would challenge the other side with…don’t use their bible as a weapon of hate either. Find common ground.


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