And the Games Have Started!

Friday night’s Opening Ceremony started this amazing gathering of the world’s finest athletes. The games have already had their share of triumph and their share of upsets. Most of all, we, as a globe, come together and celebrate a unique unity that should last longer than 16 days. We cheer on countries who’s athletes have struggles unheard of. We learn the back stories of our own athletes and we are left with a soaring pride when we see them victorious. It’s the Olympics. It’s an awesome time.

Friday’s Opening Ceremony was uniquely British. It was a lavish spectacle that included Voldemort, Mary Poppins, The Beatles, and Sir Paul McCartney. It was awesome and led to a breathtaking cauldron lighting by some of England’s unknown, rising athletes. It was a heartwarming event.

It’s an exciting time.

I’ve had plenty of time to watch the Olympics. I’m not feeling so well, so I’ve been in bed for a couple of days. I’m glad I had some entertainment.

Coming soon…Weekly Woof! – Olympics Version …you won’t want to miss it.

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  1. Awesome! And David beckhem was hot!lol

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